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On Saturday, November 17,  a march and vigil was held for Savita Halappanavar in Dublin, corresponding with similar gatherings around the world. Savita was a young Indian woman who died on October 28 at University College Hospital Galway. Pregnant, she was admitted for back pain and was found to be miscarrying. Due to the severe pain and knowing that the she would lose the baby regardless, she asked that the preganancy be terminated. She was denied, but she asked several times over a period of the next three days. The hospital refused until the foetal heartbeat stopped, saying “this is a Catholic country.” After removing the dead foetus, Savita was transferred to the high dependency unit and later died of septicaemia.

Read the full story on The Irish Times website.

The story spread quickly, capturing attention worldwide and an outraged Ireland quickly began gathering together to protest the tragedy. This video was taken during a vigil and march in Dublin attended by an estimated 20,000 people.

Read the full story on The Irish Times website.

The video was shot on a Flip camera, without a tripod. Because the vigil lasted until after sunset, lighting did become an issue. However, it offered the chance for several nice shots of the candles people lit for Savita.


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