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Developed as part of a series called “Reinventing Dublin,” the video shows residents and visitors responses to the question “If you could improve something about Dublin, what would it be?” Litter, transportation and the amount of homeless in the city were the most common issues discussed. The interviews were paired with shots of the city.

A chance encounter with poet and author Brendan Kennelly while doing interviews at Trinity added a special element to the video and became one of my favourite interactions in Dublin.

Kennelly: Are you from the states?
Me: Yes.
Kennelly (warmly): Ah, but you’re a beanrua among the Irish now.
Me (smiling): What does that mean?
Kennelly: A red-haired woman. There’s been all sorts of poems written about you. *laugh*

The video was shot on a Flip camera, without a tripod. Wind occasionally caused some issues with audio, but it was avoidable between the buildings. I had a tremendous amount of trouble getting interviews for this video. People on Henry Street and Grafton Street, two big shopping areas, appeared to either be too busy or just believed I was yet another person selling something. When I started shouting after them that I was from the Irish Times, a few would pause and come back.

I also had a lot of difficulty getting people to agree to appear on camera. While gripes were many, several people said they didn’t want to be shown complaining or making waves, which I felt was an interesting look at the mindset of people in Dublin.


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