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Site redesign involved development and creation of all new content as well as the integration of existing content to create one central site for Obstetrics & Gynecology. Patients can now use site to learn about conditions, procedures, healthy pregnancy and NorthShore services.

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Site redesign greatly expanded the existing information from one page to several sections, using newly developed and created content. Patients can now find information on NorthShore services as well as on common conditions and procedures.

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Site redesign involved the development and creation of all new content to highlight both the adult and pediatric programs available at NorthShore, as well as the multidisciplinary approach.

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Site redesign involved the development and creation of all new content to provide not only information on NorthShore services but also act as a patient education source. Pages on clinical specialties, health and development, common conditions, and planning your child’s visit were just some of the new additions.

The Irish Times

Third-year student at DIT wins young chef award (Print & Online) – November 26, 2012

The search for Euro-toques Young Chef of the Year 2012 came to an end last night as Ciarán Elliott was announced winner at a celebratory pop-up event in Smock Alley Theatre in Dublin.

Obama support more diverse (Online) – November 7, 2012

Exit polls after last night’s US presidential election suggest that Mitt Romney might have done well to pay more attention to that “47 per cent”.

US election night in Dublin’s Sugar Club (Online) – November 7, 2012

The final moments of the 2012 US Presidential Race are playing out thousands of miles away, but that hasn’t stopped the Irish from getting in on some of that excitement.

Garda Segways turn heads in Dublin (Print & Online)

Pedestrians stopped to stare on Grafton Street today as two gardaí demonstrated the force’s latest crime fighting technology – Segways.

Includes video by me.

Young chefs shake up Irish cuisine (Online) – October 30, 2012

Euro-toques Young Chef of the Year finalists met today at the Cooks Academy in Dublin to offer a free taste of the food that has already gotten them so far.

Includes video by me.

Gardaí Segway into the future (Online) – October 26, 2012

Pedestrians in Dublin may soon have a new motorised vehicle to look out for, although they should be able to get out of the way of these fairly easily.

The Lion King roars into Dublin (Online) – October 25, 2012

Attendees to the Dublin launch for Disney’s The Lion King today were granted an exclusive peek into the story behind the award-winning musicale and a taste of what everyone can expect come its April premiere.

Teachers stage protest over cuts (Online) – October 24, 2012

Several thousand teachers protested in Dublin this evening against cuts to pay for new entrants and continuing cuts to the education sector.

Includes video by me.

Tired teens keep phone close to head (Online) – October 24, 2012

We’ve known for a while that teens are increasingly become more plugged into technology, but a new study shows just how close the bond between teens and their mobiles has gone.

Ireland ‘better place’ for women than UK (Online) – October 24, 2012

Ireland has retained its position in fifth place on the 2012 Global Gender Gap Report.

Oxfam seeks more aid for women (Online) – October 24, 2012

Oxfam Ireland today urged the Government to do more to address the  issue of the devastating number of women living in poverty worldwide.

Culloden Estate manager wins title (Print & Online) – October 24, 2012

Peter McAlister, restaurant manager at the Culloden Estate Spa in Belfast, has won the 2012 UK Restaurant Manager of the Year award. Mr McAlister received the award ahead of three of his peers in the final at the Westbury Mayfair Hotel in London.

Former Mountjoy governor promotes anti-drugs video (Print & Online) – October 24, 2012

Former Mountjoy Prison governor John Lonergan has helped launch a drug awareness music video for distribution in schools and promotion online.

Handy Everett earns immortality (Print & Online) – October 20 & 21, 2012

Actor Rupert Everett was honoured in a handprint ceremony outside Dublin’s Gaiety Theatre yesterday. The 53-year-old’s bronze handprints will find a home alongside names such as John B Keane, Ronnie Drew, Milo O’Shea and Maureen Potter.

Rupert Everett honoured at Gaiety (Online) – October 19, 2012

The actor Rupert Everett (53) was honoured in a handprint ceremony outside Dublin’s Gaiety Theatre today.

Startups move forward after summit (Online) – October 18, 2012

After two days of investor meetings, talks, speakers, interviews and collaboration, the 250 plus startups at the Dublin Web Summit will be leaving with a lot to think about.

Includes video by me.

‘The youngest app developers in Europe’ (Online) – October 17, 2012

With over 250 start-ups, tech companies and service providers in attendance at this year’s Dublin Web Summit, exhibitors are doing a lot of creative things to catch the eye. There are free smoothies and cocktails, Wii competitions for iPads and cupcake displays to tempt around every corner.

If the world could vote in the U.S. election (Online Blog) – October 16, 2012

Before I came to Ireland in the beginning of September, I spent a lot of time worrying about how I would be received as an American. Would the stereotypes walk ahead of me? Would I be deemed a loud and obnoxious tourist? Would people think I was probably missing my collection of guns ? (For the record, I don’t actually own a gun.) I’m happy to say that my welcome here has been as warm as the rumours of Irish hospitality indicated that it would be. However, there are two conversations that I will never forget.

Standing witness: Tall tales on National Tree Day (Print & Online) – October 9, 2012

Children and teachers will swap schoolbooks for seeds this Thursday to mark the 16th National Tree Day.

Schools to mark annual Tree Day (Online) – October 8, 2012

Children and teachers will swap schoolbooks for seeds this Thursday to mark the 16th national Tree Day.

One in Four appeals for funding (Online) – October 3, 2012

Support group today One in Four called for the services and funding needed to provide treatment at every stage in the cycle of sexual abuse, including therapy for offenders.

Tuned in and logged on: Older citizens scoop surfer awards (Print & Online) – October 3, 2012

Gaming, socail networking and using Skype – that’s just some of what Ireland’s older citizens are up to online.

Includes video by me.

Trócaire calls for EU ban on goods from settlements (Print & Online) – October 1, 2012

Trócaire has launched a campaign urging a ban on goods produced in Israeli settlements across the European Union.

Seventy Gaisce gold medals awarded (Print & Online) – September 28, 2012

President Michael D Higgins yesterday presented 70 Gaisce gold medal awards to young adults from across the island of Ireland in recognition of their feats in community involvement, physical recreation, residential projects and adventure journeys.

All to play for after 50 years in business (Print & Online) – September 28, 2012

The dilemna facing Oscar Forsyth (4) is one that has weighed on the minds of visitors to Nimble Fingers for 50 years: What is his favourite toy among those on the ceiling-high shelves, and therefore the one he gets to take home?

Includes video by me.

Gaisce awardees gain more than medals (Online) – September 27, 2012

President Michael D. Higgins today presented 70 Gaisce Gold Awards to young adults from the island of Ireland  in recognition of their feats in community involvement, physical recreation, a residential project and an adventure journey.

Toy shop to mark 50th anniversary (Online) – September 26, 2012

With dolls, board games, Legos, paints and magic sets stacked all the way up to the ceiling, Nimble Fingers toy shop has been captivating children for 50 years, leaving them with memories that last well into adulthood.

Vietnam adoption accord signed (Online) – September 24, 2012

Officials from Ireland and Vietnam met this morning to sign an agreement on inter-country adoption that allows resumption of adoptions between the two countries after they were suspended in 2009.

Record set at Dublin peace event (Online) – September 21, 2012

People of all ages, occupation and origin held hands for a minute of silence in Dubh Linn garden at Dublin Castle at noon today for the 31st UN International Day of Peace.

Includes video by me.

Rival fans attempt to outdo each other (Print & Online) – September 21, 2012

In the build-up to Sunday’s All-Ireland football final between Mayo and Donegal, rival supporters have been matching each other in manoeuvres to show their support.

Students encouraged to study in EU states (Print & Online) – September 20, 2012

Some 4,000 Irish students took part in European Commission sponsored study initiatives in the last academic year, according to a senior commission official.

Higher Options conference begins (Online) – September 19, 2012

With over 130 exhibitor stands and thousands in attendance, the Irish Times Higher Options conference in Dublin will have no shortage of futures for students to choose from, wherever their interests lie.

Protesters take position as Dáil resumes (Online) – September 18, 2012

Protesters lined up outside the Dáil this afternoon as it resumed for a new term after the summer recess.


The unwritten laws of public transportation – April 13, 2012

For many Chicagoans, the CTA is both a blessing and a curse. As if finding a seat during rush hour wasn’t hard enough, our fellow commuters can sometimes turn an otherwise mundane ride into one bordering on unbearable.

Medill Reports

Has your terrier become a terror? – March 14, 2012

Since the day I brought North home, he has been a flash of constant motion. A five-pound Yorkshire Terrier, North can get into more trouble in a day than my other dog will in a month. He barks. He jumps. He is responsible for the untimely death of six pairs of headphones.

Back to the past at Wagner Farm – March 13, 2012

Textbooks with grainy black and white photographs seem more obsolete in a world where students spend their days in an interactive cyber world. But history becomes reality when students visit wooden red barns and antique sitting rooms at Wagner Farm in Glenview.

Finding a solution to feral cats – March 7, 2012

For feral cats, there are few environments deemed uninhabitable. You see them everywhere—slinking down alleys, running across streets, peering out from under bushes. With as many as 50 million populating U.S. streets, according to the Humane Society of the United States calculations, feral cats have the potential to pose not only a strain on taxpayers’ wallets, but also on the environment without the right kind of intervention.

Working dogs: To protect and serve – February 29, 2012

The best of the best turned out for the International Kennel Club of Chicago Dog Show, held last weekend at McCormick Place. However, not all the top dogs were there chasing a ribbon. A number of organizations turned out to show attendees how canines help keep them safe.

Animal trainers handle Hollywood’s most loved and overlooked actors – February 24, 2012

Two of the Oscars’ top contenders this year, War Horse and The Artist, have animals as key players. However, despite the animals’ skill on screen, there is no category in the Oscars to honor them or their hardworking trainers

When body piercings can pose major health risks – February 17, 2012

Those tiny little piercings can trigger big consequences that include allergic reactions, infection and hepatitis, according to a new research review by Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine.

Walking dogs keep pregnant moms fit – February 16, 2012

The motivation to exercise doesn’t always come easily, especially when you are pregnant. However, a new study shows that pregnant women are more likely to maintain an exercise regimen when they have the help of their in-home workout buddy: their dog.

Best in show can be worst for breeds -February 12, 2012

After Tuesday night, America will have a new champion. And, while no one knows for sure what this new conqueror will look like, one thing is certain: he or she will win on four legs.

Pig farms under fire after Humane Society investigation – February 2, 2012

Following an undercover investigation, the Humane Society of the United States released Tuesday a graphic video alleging animal abuse at two major pork suppliers in the United States.

Funny chimps on TV are no laughing matter – January 31, 2012

CareerBuilder is standing behind their controversial ad featuring business-suited chimps, scheduled to air during the Super Bowl this Sunday. Animal advocates are speaking out, saying that those 30 seconds of viewer smiles can harm our closest primate relatives by severing them from maternal care, giving false perceptions about chimps as pets and undermining conservation efforts.

Man’s best friend could be best hope for XLRP cure – January 27, 2012

Many owners will tell you that a dog’s eyes can exert tremendous influence over people. As it turns out, however, that gaze may be able to help us do more than move that last piece of turkey off our plates.

And the Oscar goes to … the dogs? – January 24, 2012

As Oscar nominations rolled in this morning, the multiple nods to War Horse and The Artist left few surprises. But the two films have no nominees for Best Animal Actor.

Turning your best friend green – January 20, 2012

Going green has a lot of benefits. The Earth is cleaner, bills are lower and, as it turns out, pets are healthier.

Angry Birds could give way to happy pigs – January 13, 2012

A new game called ‘Pig Chase,’ being developed in the Netherlands, is intended to stimulate the minds and enrich the lives of some of the smartest members of the animal kingdom: pigs.

Become your pet’s personal trainer – January 12, 2012

In the rush to get ourselves and our families fit and active with gym memberships and fad diets, people often forget very important members of households: our pets.